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" To rehabilitate Anglo young widows and child orphans from the inside, out.”

We strive to offer a personalized response to the trauma of losing a spouse for each family. Offering assistance emotionally and logistically through an honest and personal relationship with our members. Offering exciting programming and activities in English, which is culturally geared towards an Anglo mindset, with genuine warmth and individualized care. Providing guidance in every area of normal daily life for each family as a whole unit. Our goal is for every Widow and Orphan to feel supported and help ease their suffering with dignity. 


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In celebration of one of our dear members' son's Bar Mitzvah, the Ohr Hadassah Zichron Eliezer family was on hand to help coordinate the celebration in the final days before the event to ensure its smooth success.  With a flurry of phone calls and generous friends we were able to cover the last minute details that were overlooked and would have been neglected, causing distress to this family. Our team was able to coordinate a top- notch photography crew, lavish and personalized dessert bar, a world- renown fire entertainer and customized jewelry for the mother and even the sister of the Bar Mitzvah boy.


Aiming to fill in the details which would normally be provided for by a husband, Ohr Hadassah's team answers the needs at the final last minute critical days before a hectic and emotionally- charged occasion. To take the stress off, easing the burden of the widow so she can keep her son positive and excited, leaving the last minute dilemma's to someone else.

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One of a Kind Shop

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Our signature clothing shop for widows and orphan children makes shopping for the new season a fun and affordable experience with honor and dignity.

Members' Quotes
"The Garden I water is the
garden I grow!"

-David Kessler


Age 37 From London

Mother of 7, widow for 14 months


Age 37 From London

Mother of 7, widow for 14 months

Age 34 From Toronto 
Mother of 9, widow for 5 years

"There is no other organization that I have been to, and I have been to MANY, that offers anywhere close to this level of personal attention, genuine caring, altruism for the sake of goodness as the work Jen is doing. This is my safe haven, I don't feel like a charity case! I feel like I'm just with a group of good friends who have something in common. We laugh, we cry, we bond, and most importantly we can be there for each other any time of the day or night for any reason, no questions asked." 

Age 29 From New York

Mother of 10, widow for 2 years

"That was so much fun, thanks for treating me to our indulgent lunch at Waffle Bar. Uncanny how you knew I needed a break today during all the intense running around in the days leading up to my oldest daughter, Chani's wedding. It's been so stressful without my husband and I really needed a pick me up. Thanks for the shopping spree at My Happy Place too, I love my new dresses that I will wear to Shabbos Sheva Brachos. I feel a renewed spirit of energy to tackle the rest of my errands this week."  


Age 37 From London

Mother of 7, widow for 14 months

"Thanks so much for helping for me to pay for my son's Bar Mitzvah. Without my husband I was at a total loss. To top it all off, I can't believe you also surprised him with the incredible personalized cream cake with his favorite colors and his Bar Mitzvah picture on it! It was really out of our budget and a dream came true for him. You were there for me more than any sister could be. "

Age 48 From Miami
Mother of 4, Widow for 5 years

"Wow! I can't thank you enough for our Zoom class about Parenting Teenagers. So glad I could join and that you worked out the timing for me. Its really unbelievable that this class was filled with exactly what I needed to hear, something that I couldn't get in a regular class for parents who didn't lose a spouse. It gave me so so much motivation! This series has given me an incredible wellspring of strength. I can't believe what you pulled off in your life and now this group for us. You should get loads of energy to continue in your special way and being such an inspiration for others ."

Our Mission is to Born from our founder, Jennifer Esther Kotler's own personal experience as a young widow with 4 small children in 2010 at which time she recognized the glaring lack and tremendous need for deep personal and emotional support for all those with similar experiences. Ohr Hadassah strives to fill those needs



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