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 O H R     H A D A S S A H

                         LIFELINE FOR GRIEVING FAMILIES

When a person loses their spouse, they lose so much more than a life partner. They lose their personal cheerleader, their children’s disciplinarian, their family’s breadwinner.

Life as they knew it unravels.

Ohr Hadassa brings them hope. 

Founded five years ago by Tzvi and Jen Kotler, in memory of Jen’s first husband Lawrence Melzer a’’h, Ohr Hadassa Zichron Eliezer enters grieving families’ lives and fills their gaps, providing for their every need on a warm, personal level. 

Ohr Hadassah caters to young Anglo-Israeli widows and their single children, with their youngest widow only 21, her husband a victim of the tragedy in Meron r’’l. 

Their work includes a support group, therapy referrals, grief coaching, dating advisory, help with Israeli bureaucracy, gift packages, spa and social trips, cash distributions —


Most notably, My Happy Place, their groundbreaking dress store in Ramat Eshkol, with current clothing donated by high-end stores.


The list goes on, but it’s impossible to enumerate all. Because there’s no limit to what Jen and her volunteers at Ohr Hadassa will do to ease an almanah’s pain. Whatever need arises, they’ll fill it. 

Jen has been there so she knows what an almanah needs and when.

And that’s how she gets it right time and time again. 

  • Like the mother who called in tears that, when the cash envelope arrived before the Purim meal, she could tell her kids, ‘Now go and buy what Totty would’ve bought.’

  • Like the orphaned kallah who walked into My Happy Place days before her wedding, and walked out with a full sheva brochos trousseau — and very happy! 

  • Like the almanah of a terror victim who received brunch amid her daughter’s wedding preps, who wrote, ‘It’s been so stressful without my husband. Uncanny how you knew what I needed.’ 


"There is no other organization that I have been to, and I have been to MANY, that offers anywhere close to this level of personal attention, genuine caring, altruism for the sake of goodness as the work Jen and her team at Ohr Hadassah is doing. This is my safe haven, I don't feel like a charity case! I feel like I'm just with a group of good friends who have something in common. We laugh, we cry, we bond, and most importantly we can be there for each other any time of the day or night for any reason, no questions asked."

-Widow from Toronto now in Jerusalem

     Created as a result of our founder's own experience as a widow with small children in 2010. At that time she recognized the concrete need for real personal and emotional support for all those with similar experiences.

Ohr Hadassah Zichron Eliezer Mission is to fill that Need.

An officially recognized Israeli non-profit organization (Amuta). Offering widows and orphans a means to which they can recover and rehabilitate themselves after their devastating loss.

With a focus on the Anglo/English-speaking niche in Israel, most of whom don't have any family or means of local support.

Ohr Hadassah facilitates a variety of social and charitable services including Group Get-togethers classes Event Parties and Yom Tov'em Matonos Levyonim and Kimca De pisca  Personal Therapy and of course 

Our flagship projectMy Happy Place 

a boutique shop and Magical place where the Women and Girls come in and are transformed with brand new style clothing provided by the best boutique stores in Jerusalem. It is here where the women are often times very shy to receive anything that we begin to build a relationship with and then invite them to our other services such s our Getaways classes events and Even Therapy. 

The Store is open to all widows and orphans regardless of native language and has welcomed over 250 women in the last 6 months. We have procured brand-new, stylish clothing from the most exclusive stores in Jerusalem to offer all Widows and Orphan girls a dignified, personalized, and successful shopping experience. All the clothes have been individually chosen and generously donated to provide trendy, beautiful dresses, tops, skirts, hats, headbands, bathing suits, stockings, and even wigs! Orphan brides shop for their dresses for the week of Sheva Brachos and their new life without the stress of having to pay!

The Organization has become a sisterhood and provided untold companionship motivation and support! 


No Organization exists like this in the World! 


Meet The Kotler Family Team


Tzvi Kotler

Chief Executive Officer


Jennifer Esther Kotler

Founder and Director

20220617_142024 (1).jpg

Shayna Kotler

Marketing Manager

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